L’oléoduc Énergie Est en 701 points UTM

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  1. Deutscher dit :

    Well, truth be told, I have never before wkoerd with UTM coordinates, but after looking into it a bit, it isn’t all that hard. Depending in which UTM zone you are in (I for one, am in zone 31U; 31 being the zone and U’ being the latitude band; see also ). Every UTM longitude zone has a particular Cartesian coordinate system (i.e. local xy coordinate system) associated to it. The UTM easting and northing coordinates are the x and y coordinates, respectively, of this system. Each longitude zone (in my case zone 31) has a central meridian midway between its two bounding meridians. The central meridian of each longitude zone is assigned the easting coordinate 500000m (i.e., x= 500 000 m). The UTM northing (y) coordinate increases continuously as one moves northward. In the northern hemisphere the equator is assigned the northing coordinate of 0m N (i.e. y=0 m). In the southern hemisphere the equator is assigned the northing coordinate of 10000000m N (i.e., y=10 000 000 m).So, assuming you have the UTM coordinates for a particular zone, and lets say your survey points are located in the northern hemisphere, all you need to do is define your 0,0 (x,y) point in your drawing. Your drawing needs to be set to the WCS (World Coordinate System) which you will have to define (somewhere in you title block information) as being the equator and 500 000 m west of the centerline (central meridian) of your particular zone. Setting up your survey points should be very easy then, as you can set those up by simply placing them on the x and y axis. Depending on how precise your survey points are, you might want to set your units to mm, despite the UTM system being in meters. You can just at the UTM coordinates you have: If there are 3 digits after the comma (for instance, you can set up your drawing in mm (which I would recommend anyway, if you are using the metric system).Hopefully this will help a bit.

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